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A Conceptual Safety Checklist For Organizations Serving Children

As children get older, they spend more time outside the home. By middle-school age, they’re away from home even longer, attending extra-curricular activities such as clubs, sports programs, recreational activities, church youth groups, music practice, theater, and more. The organizations that operate these programs may or may not be required by state laws to have certain safety measures in place. In fact, except schools and daycare centers, most youth-serving organizations are unregulated. But whether an organization is regulated or not, it is expected to have [...]

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Child Sexual Abuse In Horse Sport and SafeSport Cases

(This article originally appeared December 2019 by Carley Sparks on Horse Network.) “If you tolerate it; you are condoning it,” reads a sign on the door of Murray Arena at the Okotoks Recreation Centre in Alberta. The sign refers to abuse of hockey officials, but it could just as easily apply to sexual abuse in the horse industry: if you tolerate it, you are condoning it. And for a long time, as the recent spate of SafeSport cases involving high profile trainers reveals, the equestrian [...]

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Looking For Red Flags And Green Lights: Keeping Child Molesters From Your Organization

Child molesters are drawn to youth-serving organizations such as schools, churches, camps, sports teams, and after-school programs. Each time we read a news story about a child molester who infiltrated a youth-serving organization, we are naturally revulsed and wonder why this person wasn’t detected earlier and stopped. In this series, I will explain how youth-serving organizations can fail to protect the children they serve in two ways. First, organizations can fail to notice the subtle red flags that child molesters can signal, when they are [...]

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