Expert Witness Services
Child Sexual Abuse and Injury

Mr. Nichols works with plaintiff and defense counsel on cases involving children who are injured while in the care and custody of an organization. He has been actively involved in preventing sexual abuse and other injuries to children for over 25 years. As the former National Vice President of Child & Club Safety for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, he developed national strategies to improve child protection at Club sites across the U.S. and overseas. After retiring from BGCA in 2016, Mr. Nichols started a private practice as an expert witness and consultant. He is the past president and active member of the National Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, a board-certified protection professional through ASIS International, a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants and the International CPTED Association. He holds a M.S. in Security Administration and is currently undertaking a M.A. in Applied Sociology. He has authored or contributed to over 40 publications, and has been cited and interviewed in print, digital and broadcast media. A full description of Mr. Nichols’ experience is provided in his curriculum vitae.

Comments from clients:

“Les worked with our firm on a tragic case involving the death of a young man who drowned at an overnight camp. Les was invaluable in helping us understand the industry standards on proper supervision protocols and how those protocols were violated by the defendants that operated the camp. Les is extremely professional and very thoughtful in his approach, and I wouldn’t hesitate hiring him again.”

Nathan T. Williams, Esq., The Williams Litigation Group, P.C. (GA)

“Our case was not the easiest and with your help it turned out well – thank you.”

Tommy Fibich, Esq., Fibich, Leebron, Copeland, Briggs (TX)

“Thank you, Les. Just having you on our Expert Witness List was helpful. I will not hesitate to call upon you again in the future.”

Kim Michael Cullen, Esq., Cullen & Hemphill (FL)

“It was a pleasure working with Les Nichols on our case and I welcome the opportunity to do so again.”

Joshua F. Waldrop, Esq., Boehl, Stopher & Graves (KY)

“Mr. Nichols provided our legal team with excellent insights into our sexual abuse case, greatly assisting settlement efforts throughout his effective written analysis and video presentation. He was very thorough in his work and always made himself available for any questions, team discussions or requests we had.”

Jarrett A. Charo, Esq., Partner, Thornes Bartolotta McGuire, LLP (CA)

“Les was proactive, helping our team develop case theories and lines of deposition inquiry for our case. His expert report and deposition testimony were clear, detailed and relevant, allowing us to settle prior to trial. He even made a good impression on opposing counsel! I would not hesitate to hire Les again or to recommend him to counsel in search of an effective witness in a child sexual abuse case.”

Lloyd W. Hoffspiegel, Esq., Hoffspiegel Law (GA)

“Mr. Nichols was poised, thoughtful and disarmingly polite, holding his own under examination and proving to be the best expert in our case.”

K.P. Walsh, Esq., Williams, Walsh & O’Connor, LLC (CT)

“Les had a great approach and was extremely professional in how he handled his involvement in our case. I also valued his accessibility and the education he provided us.”

Steven Olsen, Esq., Simmons Olsen Law Firm, PC (NE)

“Thank you for your hard work on this case. Your guidance really helped in our deposition of Plaintiff’s expert! … We look forward to working with you again.”

Eron Z. Cannon, Esq., FAVROS Law (WA)