Security Consulting for Architects

R.L. Nichols & Associates provides safety-security consulting services that add value to civic, educational, religious, commercial or recreational projects. Much like your design process, our safety and security analysis and recommendations take into consideration the size, scope, complexity and context of each project.  Our solutions are practical, sustainable and scalable and our goals are to project the safety of occupants.  Mr. Nichols is a former licensed architect, a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through ASIS International, and is a member of The International CPTED Association, and The International Association of Professional Security Consultants. Note: R.L. Nichols & Associates does not represent or financially benefit from endorsing or specifying any security-related products or systems.

Pre-Design Phase Services:

  • Develop a safety-security narrative for the architect’s RFP or RFQ
  • Determine how existing, area crime patterns and other activities could impact the design
  • Determine how the client’s prior safety-security incidents could impact the design
  • Determine how the client’s safety-security policies could impact the design
  • Identify the client’s operational vulnerabilities to probable threats and risks of harm
  • Identify appropriate professional standards of care for protection persons from harm
  • Identify appropriate safety-security performance requirements for design commissioning
  • Estimate the impact of safety-security features on the proposed project budget
  • Identify how safety-security upgrades can be phased in over time

Design Phase Services:

  • Develop probable safety-security scenarios to test against the proposed design
  • Develop alternate safety-security strategies to permit the client to compare solutions
  • Identify opportunities where architectural features can enhance safety-security functions
  • Analyze code compliance issues that may conflict with safety-security functions
  • Specify electronic security systems (video, access control, alarms, communication)
  • Specify non-electronic security components (barriers, forced intrusion resistance, ballistics)
  • Review and redline drawings and schedules that describe safety-security features
  • Write, edit or review specifications for all CSI divisions relating to security

Construction Administration Phase Services:

  • Respond to safety-security questions from bidders through bulletins or addenda
  • Review safety-security project and fabrication submittals
  • Adapt solutions to field conditions
  • Conduct a Post Occupancy Evaluation to ensure the client is using the systems, as designed

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